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SafetyMcGinnis Amusements considers safety extremely important and it is our top priority.   Our management and staff are always taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our patrons. In order to reduce potential hazards on the midway, we post visible signage of potential tripping hazards such as wires and hoses.  We also post safety signs on all rides to ensure our patrons ride safely.

As for amusement ride safety, every ride operator is required to go through company training, which must be signed off directly by management.  Each ride must go through daily, monthly, and annual inspections.  McGinnis Amusements also has a maintenance facility to properly maintain our equipment, ensuring all of rides are up to current code.  Along with safety, we find ride appearance extremely important. We believe fresh paint and clean rides boost customer confidence, which translates to more riders.

McGinnis Amusements is in constant communication with The Department of Agriculture and ride manufacturers to stay up to date of the always-evolving safety concerns within the amusement ride industry.  McGinnis Amusement has active involvement with the National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials (NAARSO), which ensures we are always on the forefront of safety.

Things to keep in mind when visiting McGinnis Amusements:

  • Ride height restrictions
  • Read all the rules posted on each ride; these rules can be found near every entrance
  • Wearing athletic footwear can help reduce the risk of tripping on uneven ground
  • We encourage our customers to report any safety concerns or misbehavior to any employee
  • Remember to walk, not run, on the midway and rides
  • Wait until the ride has come to a complete stop and for the operator's instructions before exiting the ride

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